Realm Tech Notes

The Dequeuer (RTN2017-008) Push data into the Realm Object Server using a Message Queue.

Securing with Let’s Encrypt (RTN2017-004) How to use the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate service to secure your installation of Realm Object Server.

Realm Mobile Platform 1.x Walkthrough (RTN2017-003) A "soup to nuts" high-level tutorial for the Realm Platform, covering installation of the Object Server, building a multiuser synchronized application with server-side Functions, and setting up Professional and Enterprise Edition features.

Multi-Realm Cheat Sheet (RTN2017-002) An informal discussion of best practices for building applications using multiple Realms.

Teamwork (RTN2017-001) A Realm demo app for a distributed field services application, demonstrating the principles behind a multi-user, multi-Realm app.

Realm Security Recommendations (RTN2017-005) The Realm Database can be configured to encrypt data at rest when using Realm on the mobile device. Enabling encryption of a realm file is as simple as adding a single line of code to the realm configuration.

Designing a Database: Realm Threading Deep Dive (RTN2017-006) So you've read the basics on Realm threading. You've learned that you don't need to worry nor do much in order to harness the power of Realm when working with threads, but you're still itching for more…

Postgres Data Connector Walkthrough (RTN2017-007) This guide walks you through how to use Realm’s data adapter to sync data from the Realm Object Server to a Postgres Server and vice versa.