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What is an Monthly Active Device (MADs)?

A monthly active Device (MAD) is defined as a unique device (mobile, device, IoT, User) who authenticates against the Realm Cloud or the Realm Platform during a 30 day period. While an application may have a device base of 100,000 device, MADs would only encompass the subset of devices who have accessed the application within the last 30 days.

What are Simultaneous Connections?

A simultaneous connection is equivalent to one mobile device, browser tab, or server app connected to the database. Realm imposes hard limits on the number of simultaneous connections to your app's database. These limits are in place to protect both Realm and our users from abuse.

What happens when I go over my allocated Connections, Storage, and/or Bandwidth in the Cloud?

You will be notified by Realm that you have gone over your allocated allotments. Depending on your subscription you will then need to take the appropriate next steps based on that subscription. For example, if you are paying month to month in the cloud offering, you will automatically be notified when you get to 80% and then again at 95%. You can contact us to move to a new plan at

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